eighty one

I was meant for you
You were meant for me
And every time we try
The angels set our demons free
After all the bad
The hope is for some good
But every time we realize
We need a lot more wood
Spark and toss a match
Set the trees ablaze
Burn the whole thing to the ground
To cough a smoky maze
Now we have the mess
Sweep the ash away
Shoo the tiny shards of heart
Off to their home of gray
I was meant for you
You were meant for me
And every time we try
We’re tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee


Not once did i
Intend to fly
Some heavy things
Hold fast my wings
But still I sigh
And wonder why
They way life sings
Can’t tug my strings
So on the sky
I send a cry
For what love brings
And how it stings
You see, the eye
Can’t see through my
Of everythings

seventy nine

I stay too long
I leave too soon
I soar the skies
Of my cocoon
I talk too little
I say too much
I drain of feeling
With just one touch
I cling to time
I pray to keep
I climb the plains
In dreams I sleep
I look too far
I see too near
I’m only there
If I stay here
I jump too high
I sink too low
My lips agree
With no no no
I fight too dirty
I love too clean
I might not know what
It is to mean
But I don’t mind
The weight of air
The pain of not
And things unfair
You see, in fact
I’d feel quite bad
If everything
Was all I had

seventy eight

Now I lay me down to sleep
Adrift a dream before amen
Or, if not, I hope at least
To drift before it’s 3am

seventy seven

Say a prayer
Fill the air
Dream and doubt
Scream and shout
Once you’re there
Full of care
Let it out
Get it out

seventy six

After all is said and done
After all the ends begun
After all in all and none
After all and all in fun
After all, we all are one

seventy five

Broken bones and broken homes
Life lives on in spoken poems
Scared of why and where he roams
Knowing’s only chokin’ knowns
Throwing stones
Taking loans
Dropping phones
Flying drones
Just jokin’ homes

seventy four

We are all one
Every human
You are just we
Without the me

seventy three

Oh, how I miss you
My dear sleep
Oh how I wish to
Draw near sleep
Oh just one night through
Of clear sleep
Oh but I quite do
So fear sleep

seventy two

seventy one


sixty nine

sixty eight

sixty seven

sixty six

sixty five





















twenty one

twenty two

twenty three

twenty four

twenty five

twenty six

twenty seven

twenty eight

twenty nine


thirty one

thirty two

thirty three

thirty four

thirty five

thirty six

thirty seven

thirty eight

thirty nine


forty one

forty two

forty three

forty four

forty five

forty six

forty seven

forty eight

forty nine


fifty one

fifty two

fifty three

fifty four

fifty five

fifty six

sixty one