1. underlove


find me
free me
follow my shadow
take my thoughts
and give me what you know
understand how I've felt
realize how I'm dealt
then tell me

fake me
fuel me
forge me in starlight
taste me
trust me
and give me a bite
I'll be quick
I'll be new
I'll be yours
I'll be true
if I only knew

cause I can't get my heart
through the night
I can't open my eyes
to the light
I can't see
I can't breathe
I need you
to show me
who are you
what are you

find me
feel me
face me with your mask
give me everything
if anyone asks
place my heart
beside your bed
place your thoughts
inside my head

feel me
fix me
fall where I've bled
guide me through this
unwake my undead
almost gone
almost done
just leaves one
thing to know