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From the recording Heal

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℗ 2015 Holly Godarkli
Written by Holly Godarkli


I've been sittin here
bleedin out
all night long
I've been fillin my wounds
with the only salt
I know
wrap my heart in a cast
bandage up
my veins
but the bruises run deep
and there's almost
nothing left
but pain

cause I'm broken
achin from my yearning
beaten down
but learnin
only healing left to do
for my black and blue

I've been draggin myself
up this slippery sloop
but the demon's holding on
no matter how
far up
I go
I keep seeing these signs
for the end of the road
but I keep walkin along
cause there's got to be

oh I'm bruised
and I'm breakin
but there's still breath to take
and in this bloody mess
I'm awakened

cause I am
but oh